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Thermal Protection

Our thermal protection range contains items considered by mountain rescue services to be essential in case of an emergency. Keeping warm, if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, is essential. Lifesystems have developed a whole host of high quality thermal products that will help in such a situation.

  • Orange thermal blanket
    Thermal Blanket
    3 reviews

  • Orange survival bag
    Survival Bag
    6 reviews

  • Orange hand warmer pad
    Reusable Hand Warmers
    22 reviews

  • Orange thermal bag
    Thermal Bag

  • Orange bivi bag
    Bivi Bag
    8 reviews

  • Orange survival shelter
    Survival Shelter 2
    3 reviews

  • Orange storm shelter
    Survival Shelter 4
    1 review

  • Lightweight survival shelter
    Ultralight Survival Shelter 2