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Travel Wash

Scrub up on the go with Lifeventure's range of travel wash and soaps, especially designed for life on the road. Whether you're showering, shaving or washing your clothes, our travel wash can help you and will fit easily in to your bag.

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  • All Purpose Soap - variant[100ml] All Purpose Soap - variant[100ml]

    All Purpose Soap

    Regular price From £4.99
  • Dry Body Wash (100ml) Dry Body Wash (100ml)

    Dry Wash

    Regular price £4.99
  • Fabric Wash Leaves

    Fabric Wash Leaves

    Regular price £4.99
  • Shampoo Leaves

    Shampoo Leaves

    Regular price £4.99
  • Shaving Leaves Shaving Leaves

    Shaving Leaves

    Regular price £3.49
  • Soap Leaves

    Soap Leaves

    Regular price £4.99
  • Travel Clothes Wash (100ml) Travel Clothes Wash (100ml)

    Travel Fabric Wash

    Regular price £4.99

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