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Outdoor Survival

When it comes to adventurous trips, emergency situations usually arise in the worst conditions and that is when having equipment for outdoor survival is important. Being prepared for all situations and ensuring you have the right kit is the first step for any person who loves the outdoors. Our range of outdoor survival gear can be used to make up your perfect survival pack. From keeping warm with our thermal blankets and survival shelters to keeping things in sight with our range of LED torches and practical head torch. If you’re heading out on an adventure it’s a good idea to have a look though our survival gear and pack yourself the perfect kit to suit your needs.

  • Glow markers
    Glow Markers
    From £2.99
    £4.99 Save £2.00
    3 reviews

  • Orange emergency whistle
    Safety Whistle
    5 reviews

  • Grey and orange mountain lite whistle
    Mountain Lite Whistle
    From £3.49

  • Orange thermal blanket
    Thermal Blanket
    2 reviews

  • Grey and orange mountain whistle
    Mountain Whistle
    From £3.99
    1 review

  • Orange and green light sticks
    Light Sticks

  • Easy Light tinder fire
    Easy Light Tinder Fire

  • Orange pot of windproof matches with grey lid
    Windproof Matches
    1 review

  • Orange survival bag
    Survival Bag
    5 reviews

  • Orange hand warmer pad
    Reusable Hand Warmers
    15 reviews

  • Ferrocerium rod fire starter
    Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter

  • Orange survival whistle
    Survival Whistle
    3 reviews

  • Orange pot of stormproof matches with grey lid
    Stormproof Matches

  • Grey and orange camping fire starter
    Camping Fire Starter
    £10.49 Save £2.50

  • Tinder cubes
    Tinder Kit
    1 review

  • Orange thermal bag
    Thermal Bag

  • Dual Action fire starter with Ferrocerium rod
    Dual Action Fire Starter

  • Orange bivi bag
    Bivi Bag
    7 reviews

  • Black LED torch with wrist strap
    Intensity 220 LED Torch
    £26.99 Save £11.00
    8 reviews

  • Black LED head torch with adjustable head strap
    Intensity 105 LED Head Torch
    4 reviews

  • Black Cree LED torch
    Intensity 600 Cree LED Torch
    £46.99 Save £26.99
    9 reviews

  • Head torch with adjustable head strap
    Intensity 220 LED Head Torch
    £26.99 Save £6.99
    4 reviews

  • Orange survival shelter
    Survival Shelter 2
    3 reviews

  • Orange storm shelter
    Survival Shelter 4

  • Orange LED emergency lights
    Emergency Strobe

  • Lightweight survival shelter
    Ultralight Survival Shelter 2