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Put #firstaidfirst this Spring

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Put #firstaidfirst this Spring

From nipping uncomfortable blisters in the bud, to being ready to deal with an emergency situation, carrying a well-equipped first aid kit with you is an outdoor kit-rule 101. However, it’s not enough to just stash a kit in the bottom of your pack and forget about it. Giving your first aid equipment a regular ‘MOT’ is essential to ensure it’s ready for you, if and when you need it. As the days get longer and lighter and adventures out on the hills beckon, we’re encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to put #firstaidfirst and give their kits a little TLC with these quick and easy to-do’s.

Check for missing or damaged items

It can be easy to use the odd plaster or antiseptic wipes while on the go and not realise you’ve depleted your kit. Empty your complete first aid kit onto a sterile surface and check what’s missing or needs to be replaced. Bandages and Dressing refills can be bought from our refill packs or you can pop to your local pharmacy to stock up. While doing this, it’s also worth checking the kit’s components haven’t become damaged.

Make sure it’s not past its best

While checking through your kit, pay attention to the individual components to make sure they’ve not passed their sell-by date. While many of us are aware that medicines have a sell-by date, over time even bandages and dressings can expire and lose their efficiency so don’t forget to check everything carefully. Many of our industry-leading kits include suncream sachets as well as paracetamol and ibuprofen for dealing with common on-the-hill ailments. Double check the expiry date on any perishable components at the start of each season and replace them as needed.

Look out for wear and tear

We design our first aid kits with durable and waterproof nylon fabric plus waterproof zips to ensure they stand up to the exertions of life outdoors. However, it’s still a good idea to give your kit’s outer-case a once-over to ensure it’s in good condition and able to protect the internal components from moisture or dirt.

Add any extras

To make your kit work harder for you, we recommend taking the time to add any personal extras you might need on your adventures. Whether that’s an inhaler, tick remover, extra blister treatments, energy gels or any personal medication. Lifesystems kits are designed with a little extra capacity so you can add the extras you’ll need and store them safely and hygienically inside.

Pick a pocket to store it

Whether it’s stored in a tent or a pack, it pays to keep your first aid kit in a set place where you can quickly and easily find and access it should you need it in an emergency. If you don’t have a set place or pocket for storing your first aid kit, let this season be the time you choose one! Our recommendation is somewhere that’s easily accessible, but also protected from the elements. For example, the inner lid pocket of your backpack or in the side pocket of a tent’s sleeping compartment.

For more first aid advice follow us on Facebook and Instagram or you can explore our full first aid collection.

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