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5 Reasons to Carry a Hand Warmer

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5 Reasons to Carry a Hand Warmer

We’ve recently added to our collection of outdoor survival essentials with our most powerful Hand Warmer yet, the Rechargeable Hand Warmer 10,000mAh. So, to celebrate, we’re sharing 5 reasons why you should add one of these high-performance gadgets to your kit set-up. Think we’ve missed one? Let us know by searching for Lifesystems UK on Instagram or Facebook.

1 - To keep your hands warm

Yep, perhaps an obvious answer but an important one nonetheless. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, wild-swimming or just taking on the daily commute, cold hands are a sure fire way to put a dampener on your day. Our new Rechargeable Hand Warmer offers up to 12 hours of warmth – perfect to help you ignore the cold conditions and enjoy your adventure.

2 - To maintain full dexterity

Even in relatively mild winter conditions, cold temperatures can cause your hands to become stiff and clumsy. Technical hiking, skiing and mountaineering all require a level of dexterity that can only be achieved when your hands aren’t frozen and a Hand Warmer is a great way to keep your digits at full operational capacity. Even if you’re just walking the dog, handling the lead or snapping a picture of the view will be easier with warm, fully-functioning hands. To keep both hands warm at once, check out our new Dual Palm Rechargeable Handwarmer which splits into two independent warmers and can keep hands toasty for up to 9 hours.

3 - To help regulate your temperature

The popular phrase ‘cold hands, warm heart’ is actually backed by scientific principles as our bodies are in a constant state of flux, working to maintain a safe temperature and keep our vital organs warm. When the temperature drops, your body moves its blood away from your extremities (hands and feet) and into your core to help keep organs at the correct temperature. This can make you feel generally very cold. A Rechargeable Hand Warmer is a great way to help keep those extremities feeling a little warmer when the mercury dips.

4 - To stay powered up

Aside from its warming capabilities, our Rechargeable Hand Warmer doubles as a handy power bank, meaning you can keep your mobile or GPS charged up while out on the hill. It has LED indicators that show when it is charging and how much power is remaining, ensuring you won’t be caught out in the wild.

5 - To avoid putting the heating on!

Last one… whether you’re camping under the stars or settling down on the sofa, a Hand Warmer is a great way to keep yourself feeling warm and comfortable as you relax. Plus, it helps reduce the need to put the heating on which is no bad thing in the current climate.

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