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Five of the Most Extreme Hikes in the World

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Five of the Most Extreme Hikes in the World

Extreme anything is not for everyone, but as Lifesystems people we know your sense of adventure is strong.

There are many challenging hiking and trekking trails around the world and often the more difficult the more appealing for daredevils.

Whether it’s dizzying heights, punishing weather or dangerous wildlife, they offer experiences that many will never get to see. We’ve put together a list of some of the most extreme hikes around the world, only for the most daring of explorers.

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

If a 1 metre wide path hugging the side of a cliff sounds like your idea of fun, then el Caminito del Rey is just for you. Sitting 100 metres above the river below, the walkway was created for workers in 1905 that were working on hydroelectric power plants. After some much needed renovation work the path is now open for those seeking a walk like no other.


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Mount Huashan, China

Continuing along extremely narrow paths, the wooden planks attached around Mount Huashan were first put together around the 3rd or 4th century. There have been some improvements to the path now, including a guide cable, but it is still a very dangerous route to take as the bolted planks hover thousands of feet above the ground.

This is not for those who have a fear of heights, but it offers some amazing views.


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Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

Famous as the site of a World War II battle between Australia and Japan, this trail runs for 60 miles and can take up to 12 days to finish depending on your ability. If the length isn’t enough, the climate can also make things difficult. Hot days and freezing nights make for an uncomfortable trip. Heavy rain drenches the trail most days and if that isn’t enough to put you off then there is also a strong malaria risk.


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The Darien Gap, Panama/Colombia

The best methods for crossing the Panama/Colombia border are usually by plane or boat. However, for the adventurous there is the Darien Gap. This jungle is the only way to cross the border by land and is avoided by most travellers. You’ll need to find a guide to help you through but even then it’s a very tough trip. Swamps, diseases and dangerous animals are all risks.

There are also stories of kidnap with drug traffickers and paramilitary believed to be hiding in the jungle.

Chadar Trek, India

The Himalayas are known to have some of the toughest routes in the world and the Chadar Trek is one of them. Taking up to 10 days and reaching an altitude of 3,300 metres, this trek requires you cross over a frozen river and survive temperatures that can get as low as 30 degrees celcius. The river is not always stable however and sometimes it is necessary to cross a slippery rock section to make it past.


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Don’t forget the insect repellent...

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