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Mosquito Net Guide

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Mosquito Net Guide

A mosquito net hangs above a bed or is free standing around a bed. The net offers protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects and protects against the diseases they may carry. For the net to be effective the mesh must be fine enough to exclude insects, without reducing visibility or air flow.

All of the mosquito nets are available to suit different trips and sizes, such as single, double, and sometimes king size.

Wedge Mosquito Net

This mosquito net shape is similar to a slice of cake; the higher end provides space to stand, whilst the low ends drapes over the bed. This type of net is simple to hang; it can be hung from one point and even from a wall making it easier to hang in small spaces. It is lightweight and easy to carry, however it does have a small and enclosed space meaning you get less air circulation.

MircroNet Double Mosquito Net

MircroNet Double Mosquito Net - £29.99

Ridge Mosquito Net

Similar to a wedge net, the ridge net has more space as it has two hanging points, which are easy to hang. This net is great for sleeping outdoors and is compact and light weight. However, compared to other styles, this net is quite small to sleep under meaning that there is a bit less ventilation while you are sleeping.

Box Mosquito Net

A box mosquito net has a rectangular shape that fits the bed and is suspended from four points, one at each corner. These can be attached to hooks. However, bedrooms in tropical countries are often fitted with a frame specifically designed to hang box nets. The skirt is made of heavier fabric to protect the mesh from damage when it is tucked under a mattress. This net is very spacious and comfortable, however it takes longer to put up and take down and for that reason would be best suited for more permanent use such as long-term accommodation.

BoxNet Double Mosquito Net

BoxNet Double Mosquito Net - £24.99

Bell Mosquito Net

As the name suggests, bell mosquito nets are shaped like a bell, with one single high suspension point from which hangs a spreader frame to open the net over the bed. The lower edge of the net has a skirt of heavier fabric to protect the mesh from damage when it is tucked under the mattress. This net is good as it only needs a single suspension point making it easy to put up, the bell shape gives you a lot of space which gives added comfort. However, there is a lot of fabric which can make it heavier when it is packed.

DuoNet Double Mosquito Net

DuoNet Double Mosquito Net - £34.99

5 stars - “Excellent and very swift delivery! Thank you Lifesystems.” - Alexander - 01/09/2015

Freestanding Mosquito Net

A freestanding net looks very much like a tent, with the use of shock-corded aluminium poles to support the net they do not need any suspension like the other nets. These are great as they do not require any frames, hooks or pins and can be used indoor and outdoor. However, because they include hoops to support the net they are heavy and a lot bulkier than general mosquito nets, they are also smaller when erected which means there is less air circulation.

GeoNet Single Mosquito Net

GeoNet Single Mosquito Net - £49.99

5 stars - “By far the best mosquito net ever! I go to rural areas in West and East Africa for work and it is perfect. Easy to set up, quite light, sturdy, and keeps mozzies away. It also protects me from other creepy crawlies in the places I stay (sometimes inside, sometimes outside) eg. bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and mice. I've had mine for quite a few years now (over 10 trips using it for a 2-3 weeks each time) and it is only now showing signs of wear and tear. By far my favourite piece of fieldwork equipment!” - Anouk - 27/07/2015

Tips on hanging your net

Firstly, lay your net out on your bed or the floor so that you can locate its hanging point(s). Check your surroundings for a good suspension point, such as a hook or a beam. Or if you are outdoors, you will most likely be hanging the net from a tree or branch. It is a good idea to attach the nets hanging points to hooks or pins (with the use of string) to avoid the material snagging. Once it’s hung, tuck the bottom of the mosquito net under your mattress or sleeping mat, making sure there are no gaps for insects.

Still not sure?

Watch our video to find which mosquito net is right for you...

All prices correct on date of publish.

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