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GeoNet Free Standing Mosquito Net

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Product Description

A single, free standing mosquito net with Lifesystems EX8 Anti-Mosquito long-life impregnation and a fine mesh netting that will keep out smaller insects such as midges. It has a dome shape design to boost the amount of headroom available and uses two lightweight collapsible aluminium poles allowing it to be assembled or put away in minutes. This net is ideal for those wanting a fully enclosed net for total protection.

Product Features

  • Free standing dome-shaped net for one person
  • Black mesh netting that offers protection from mosquitoes and smaller insects including midges
  • Built-in hardwearing waterproof groundsheet
  • Lightweight aluminium poles
  • Internal pocket and attachment points
  • 4 x aluminium pegs also included
  • Impregnated with EX8 anti-mosquito treatment
  • Treatment lasts for 2 years

Technical Info

Weight: 1.1kg
Dimensions: 35L x 10H x 10W cm
Dimensions (unpacked): 210L x 86.5H x 90W cm
Items: 1
Persons: 1


New1 PersonEX8 Anti-Mosquito Impregnated
Black and grey free standing mosquito net

Product Reviews for GeoNet Free Standing Mosquito Net


I should be giving this product a 5 as a while back i used this Geonet for over 200 nights camping in Africa ... it was brilliant! I'm taking half a star off because of the changes they have made. The newer style has dispensed with weight / reduced the packing length by using poles that aren't designed for the existing tent. The eyelets on the webbing in each corner used to snuggly fit the ends of the thicker old poles .. now they don't. A few reviewers below noted this issue and came up with a solution which i couldn't seem to replicate to my own satisfaction. Instead the answer is to use the tops from Bic Biros to help the new poles fit snug into the older wider eyelets. If your tent does not have the eyelets (I originally received a tent one without them) then you can sew an angled channel for the Biro tops into the webbing .. took me about an hour .. and i'm rubbish at sewing.

Samantha Clarke

Excellent piece of kit. Took a few mins to set up, very easy. Free standing, lightweight, waterproof basin and bug free. If its raining I just throw up a tarp. Ideal!


This is great piece of kit, would recommend it to anyone. One of the eyelets came out on an African trip but by using William's trick with the eyelet webbing was able to continue using the GeoNet, once back in the UK LifeSystems replaced the GeoNet very promptly and reimbursed my postage. Very impressed.


Really good bit of kit and can be used indoors without having to figure out what you're going to hang it from. The trick William and Carol mention is well worth noting. It took a couple of nights with the rods pinging out for me to figure that one out. Mine had a problem with the zip and Lifesystems replaced it, shipping a new one the same day - excellent customer service!


Thank goodness for William's review. Without the trick he advises, it cannot be set up as freestanding indoors. The set up instructions do not include this recommendation. Even now, I am concerned how it will work on a day to day basis; i.e., will it keep falling down so that I must repeatedly reassemble it?


These nets are brilliant. I used one for over 14 months of camping in Africa when working on overland trips. Brilliant at keeping mosses and other bugs away. Great to sleep in as you really are at one with nature, think amazing star filled nights camping out in the desert in Sudan. Brilliant! Perfect size for one person. I wish they produced a light way fly cover to keep off the rain as an optional extra.


An excellent product, which is light enough to carry as a "bug bivvy"; the waterproof bathtub floor and insect protection being all you need in clement weather. If, like me, you suffer the twin misfortunes of terminal dimness and cack-handedness, then be advised in advance that if you are using the net indoors or are otherwise unable to peg it down, then you will need to pass the eyelet webbing at each corner through the "d" ring, so as to make a little cradle for the end of each pole. Then the net really does become free-standing. Set-up instructions could be a little more fulsome, but this is a minor point.


By far the best mosquito net ever! I go to rural areas in West and East Africa for work and it is perfect. Easy to set up, quite light, sturdy, and keeps mozzies away. It also protects me from other creepy crawlies in the places I stay (sometimes inside, sometimes outside) e.d. bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and mice. I've had mine for quite a few years now (over 10 trips using it for a 2-3 weeks each time) and it is only now showing signs of wear and tear. By far my favourite piece of fieldwork equipment!


This is a great piece of kit !
I've been using it on and off for over a year now, in Africa.
My job takes me to the bush on a regular basis and this net is a godsend.
Its easy to set up, equally as easy to take down and folds away into it's stuff sack with no problems.
Its light and ties on to the side of a backpack so it doesn't take up room inside.
Worth every penny, and will definitely be buying another one when this one wears out.