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Hello, I guess! - James MacKeddie

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Hello, I guess! - James MacKeddie

Hello I guess!

When Lifesystems approached me a few weeks ago about becoming one of their adventure athletes I was shocked. I run and cycle now and again, but I’m no elite. Far from it, other than a 4th place at a night 10km trail race through a woods (I managed to run in the wrong direction at the start) I am a firm mid-packer. However, I like to get out, explore, and more often than not, take my GoPro and other devices onto the trail with me. Nothing beats getting out into the mountains and being able to share it when I get back. When people ask why do you run ultra marathons and punish yourself, the simple answer is I like where they are.

It’s a chance to explore a new trail or mountain, meet like-minded people and above all else get away from the stresses of daily life. In the mountains, life is basic, primitive and real.

By now you may be asking "What have you done and who are you?".

I’m 25, have an office job like a lot of people and spend far too many hours procrastinating in the evenings rather than training. I’ve always been active and my partner hates that I’m both a morning and evening person. I have lots of energy and it's pretty consistent.

As for my sporting CV...

  • I was part of a team who won the 2005 Daily Mail Under 15 National Vase in Rugby.
  • Completed the Welsh 15 Peaks in 15 hours at 18.
  • Pulled a 7.5 tonne lorry 6.2 miles with 5 other people at 19 years old for charity.
  • Years of road cycling, road and fell running, which restarted after a break in 2013 completing the Glencoe Trail Marathon with no prior training (a word of caution, I couldn’t walk for a week afterwards).
  • Completed all 5 days of Hell of a Hill Marathons
  • Ennerdale Ultra
  • Howgills Trail Marathon
  • Grindleford Gallop
  • Snowdonia Road Marathon
  • Clif Bar 10 Peaks Long Course... and more.

I've also had a stab at an obstacle course race; Born Survivor Marathon ("The Ultimate Military Obstacle Course") was brutal.

I currently have the following booked and in my diary coming up:

And I will have a lot more to add, including some races on two wheels, too!

My goal over the coming year is to complete events, learn about myself, have some spontaneous adventures and above all, share it with you.

Life is richer if you can share lessons learned from experiences and I am lucky to have the team at Lifesystems supporting me.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and blogs from James coming soon. You can find out more on his personal website,, or follow him on Twitter.

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