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10 Things You May Want in a First Aid Kit

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10 Things You May Want in a First Aid Kit

When travelling in unknown territory you never know when an emergency can happen and whether there will be any medical help at hand. For this reason it’s important to carry a First Aid Kit with you and to make sure that it's well stocked, with items that could help you in an emergency situation.

First Aid Kit

1. Plasters and Bandages

These are a staple component of any First Aid Kit and are great for minor cuts and grazes where you need to quickly patch yourself up. There are different types of bandages and they can be used to hold dressings in place, provide support for injuries around joints or even be used as a temporary sling.

2. Sterile Gauze Pads

If you get cut, these are absorbent pads to place over a wound before strapping or bandaging.

3. Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Gloves can be very important if you are unable to wash your hands or are in a remote area and need to treat wounds.They are light and take up barely any space in your kit. Wearing two pairs increases the safety.

4. Hygienic Cleansing Wipes

Using a wipe can help any wounds heal by cleaning them and removing any bacteria from the area.

5. Blister Plasters

This may seem less important but if you plan on walking a lot these can make all the difference. Raw and blistered skin can make walking unbearable, by carrying these plasters you can make your trip a lot easier.

6. Anti-bacterial Dry Wash Gel

If you are treating an injury, this liquid soap requires no water and helps ensure that your hands are clean and bacteria free.

7. Tape

When you need to keep a dressing on, tape is the best thing to keep it in place. Even duct tape can be great for this.

8. Painkillers

Ibuprofen or paracetamol can be important to dull pain for minor or more serious injuries.

9. Scissors

You’ll often need to cut your dressings to the right size and scissors are the easiest item to help you do this.

10. Tweezers

You can get splinters or other small objects that need removing with tweezers. They also mean you don’t have to make direct contact with your hands.

We have 25 First Aid Kits, from pocket and specialist kits to our Mountain Leader Pro Kit.

Pocket First Aid Kit

Check out the video for all the features:

All details correct on date of publish.

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