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Do Lifesystems insect repellents comply with the latest regulations?

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Do Lifesystems insect repellents comply with the latest regulations?

There are many changes in the insect repellent market due to the European Biocidal Products Regulations. This has led to a lot of our customers contacting us for clarification. Our Technical Team has answered some of the most common questions below. If there is anything you are still unsure about, please contact us.

Lifesystems insect repellents

What is a biocide?

A biocide is any substance that repels, attracts or kills any living organism.

What are the Biocidal Products Regulations?

The Biocidal Products Regulations 528/2012 are a strict code that has been introduced across Europe to unify the process by which biocides are authorised across the EU. This way, all manufacturers will have to comply with the same rules and regulations no matter which country they are from. The idea is that the most sensible common practices are used across the whole of Europe.

What is DEET?

DEET (diethyltoluamide) is considered the most effective mosquito repellent available today. It was developed in the US in 1944 for military use originally and is formulated so that the mosquito’s receptors are blocked from sensing the sweat, smell or CO2 given off by a human.

How does the BPR affect DEET products on the market?

DEET is a Biocide and will be regulated under the BPR to ensure consistent product safety across the EU. This will involve manufacturers submitting dermatological and efficacy reports to ensure that products are safe and effective. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will ensure that all manufacturers comply with the rules as set out in the BPR for the UK market.

Do Lifesystems comply?

Lifesystems repellents do not fall under the requirements for product authorisation under the BPR legislation as some of the active ingredients are still under evaluation. In the meantime and until such times as the BPR authorisations are required and submitted, Lifesystems repellents continue to comply with all relevant local and national legislations.

Even Expedition 100+?

Yes, our Expedition 100+ DEET Insect Repellent spray remains compliant and available for sale in the UK and Ireland.

Do I need to look out for authorisation numbers on the packaging?

No, some repellents will have numbers, some won’t, it depends on many factors about the repellent that you may be looking at. All Lifesystems repellents are available for sale in the UK and Ireland as well as many other countries.

So which repellent should I use?

Lifesystems offer a full range of insect repellents for every requirement. Here is a quick guide.

If you are going to Europe with little risk of malaria, then a milder repellent, such as an Expedition Natural or an Expedition Sensitive repellent would be best suited.

If you are travelling off the beaten track into Asia, Africa or South America, we would always recommend DEET based products. The higher the strength, the more effective it generally is. Expedition 50+ is always a good product to use as the “go to” repellent in these situations.

For the jungle or in areas of high temperature or high risk, Expediton 100+ would certainly be recommended.

For families with children travelling to malarial areas, we would suggest Lifesystems Expedition Sensitive as the best option.

What else do I need to consider?

The most important thing is to enjoy your travels. We try our hardest to make product that makes travelling the fun experience it should be. Go explore!

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