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Torches & Lighting

Lifesystems torches use LED technology, offering exceptional battery life and brightness. The torch bodies are precision machined from aluminium alloy and feature different functions such as the flashing mode and different power settings. Our head torches are based on the same technology and offer excellent hands-free lighting.

  • Glow markers
    Glow Markers
    From £1.99
    £4.99 Save £3.00

  • Orange and green light sticks
    Light Sticks

  • Black LED head torch with adjustable head strap
    Intensity 105 LED Head Torch
    1 review

  • Black LED torch with wrist strap
    Intensity 220 LED Torch
    4 reviews

  • Head torch with adjustable head strap
    Intensity 220 LED Head Torch
    2 reviews

  • Black Cree LED torch
    Intensity 600 Cree LED Torch
    £46.99 Save £13.00
    1 review

  • Orange LED emergency lights
    Emergency Strobe