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  • Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Regular price £10.99
  • 8h Protection
  • Suitable for Children
  • DofE Recommended Kit


Expedition Natural is nature’s most effective natural repellent. The active ingredient PMD Citriodiol is derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree, which is a natural and renewable resource grown in several parts of the world. Each application provides up to 8 hours of protection from biting mosquitoes and is suitable for use on children over 6 months of age.

Expedition Natural mosquito repellent has been proven by scientific research to repel mosquitoes, as well as midges, gnats and ticks.


  • Ideal for family travel
  • Contains 40% PMD Citriodiol®
  • Protects from mosquitoes, midges, gnats and ticks
  • Durable aluminium bottle with leak-proof pump-spray
  • Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit
  • 8h Protection - Provides effective protection against mosquitoes for up to 8 hours per application
  • Suitable for Children - Age 6 months and over. Ideal for protecting the whole family
  • DofE Recommended Kit
  • Carry-On Compliant - Durable bottle is airline carry-on compliant in most countries worldwide
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