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Mosquito and Midge Head Net

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Product Description

The mosquito and midge head net is made with our finest black mesh with 1001 holes per square inch. This head net will protect the head, face and neck from annoying flying insects when outdoors. Manufactured from tough, multi-filament polyester material and with a toggled draw cord around the rim, the head net weighs just forty grams. Use in areas with a high population of small and biting insects.

Product Features

  • Black mesh netting - 1001 holes per sq. inch
  • Draw-cord closure at the neck
  • Tough, multi-filament polyester net

Technical Info

Weight: 40g
Dimensions (unpacked): 33 x 46cm
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Mesh mosquito and midge head net

Product Reviews for Mosquito and Midge Head Net


Brilliant hat - makes gardening a lot more enjoyable knowing my face is protected from midges.

jeff s

Ordering and delivery were a doddle. Won't be using the product until Costa Rica in a few months. Fits over a large brimmed hat so doesn't feel claustrophobic and doesn't affect visibility. Bring on those mozzies.


Very quick delivery. I did not use yet since no midges so far ;-), but mesh-size seems all right to me. I hope it helps in surviving the Scottish summer.


Seems fine will fit easily over a baseball cap. Only given 4stars as I haven't used it yet.

T Burgess

Does the job brilliantly. No more bites.


I bought one of these a few years ago but only used it recently. After few minutes I had to ask a friend if the midges were still about. They were, but I was completely unaware of them. A fine piece of kit.

Bill Jamieson

in a word - 'EXCELLENT'


It is what I expected. Only 3 stars as I did not need to actually need to use it (in Scotland), but ready now for next time.