When travelling and staying in hostels or hotels, electric insect killers are very effective at controlling unwanted creatures. Lifesystems provide a full range of killers including a unique battery powered version that is ideal for tents and dormitories.

  • Mosquito coil
    Mosquito Coils
    5 reviews

  • Mosquito killer refill tablets
    Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit Tablet Refills
    5 reviews

  • Mosquito killer refill liquid bottle
    Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit Liquid Refill
    1 review

  • Mosquito killer
    Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit
    2 reviews

  • Mosquito killer unit
    Portable Insect Killer Unit
    12 reviews

  • Portable mosquito killer refill
    Portable Insect Killer Unit Refills
    15 reviews