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Mountain Leader First Aid Kit

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Product Description

The Mountain Leader First Aid Kit provides the equipment needed to care for a large group of between 1 and 14 persons. This kit is also used by survival training schools in the UK. It has been designed with the help of expedition doctor Hugh Montgomery and members of the British Special Forces medical team.

Product Features


  • 1 x Primary Care Leaflet
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 6 x Safety Pins
  • 1 x Scissors (5.5cm Blade)
  • 4 Pairs Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 x Shears (6cm Blade)
  • 1 x Glo Stick
  • 1 x Resuscitation Face shield
  • 1 x Spot Check Thermometer


  • 16 x Paracetamol Tablets
  • 16 x Ibuprofen Tablets


  • 2 x Open Woven Bandages 7.5cm x 5m
  • 1 x Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m
  • 1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 1 x Triangular Calico Bandage 90 x 127cm

Preparations, Disposables & Tapes

  • 10 x Hygienic Cleansing Wipes
  • 1 x Micropore Tape 2.5cm x 5m
  • 1 x Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm x 2m
  • 1 x Duct Tape 2m Roll
  • 10 x 4-Ply Gauze Swabs 5 x 5cm
  • 3 x Burn Gel Sachets (3.5g)


  • 1 x Pack of Assorted Plasters
  • 1 x Medium Wound Dressing 12 x 12cm
  • 2 x Low Adherent Dressings 5 x 5cm
  • 2 x Low Adherent Dressings 10 x 10cm
  • 1 x Small Plaster Fabric Strip 4cm x 1m
  • 1 x Large Plaster Fabric Strip 7.5cm x 1m
  • 6 x Wound Closure Strips
  • 1 x Small Eyepad Wound Dressing
  • 2 x Blister Plasters

Technical Info

Weight: 930g
Dimensions: 230 mm x 180 mm x 100 mm
Items: 64
Persons: 1 to 14


Red mountain leader first aid kit

Product Reviews for Mountain Leader First Aid Kit

Andrew Carter

This is my second mountain leader lifesystem kit after great service from the first one. Bought this as same as previous kit but it is slightly different in the design of the bag and contents. My old kit had a space blanket in it but latest one doesn't which I think it should considering where it is likely to be used but otherwise a great kit.

Doug Pepper

Great package, which we have supplemented with tick tweezers and sterile eye wash. However there is a design flaw which led to us losing the scissors through the bottom of a raft whilst reading an injury whilst aboard. The pockets containing the gloves, scissors and tweezers are not secured to prevent contents falling out and as you need to lift this part to get at supplies underneath it is very easy for them to fall out of the pack. As we were on a log raft, they fell straight through into the river.


I always take this on family holidays and in the car and it has provide itself invaluable to handle any first aid issues I've come across.


It's pretty comprehensive for what it is, but the design of the pouch means things like tweezers and scissors can slip right out and be lost if you don't pay attention!