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  • Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter - variant[Compact]
  • Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter
  • Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter

Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter

Regular price £6.99
Size Standard
  • Element Proof


A compact and durable ferrocerium rod fire starter that offers a safe and convenient way of starting a fire in all weather conditions. The ferrocerium spark rod produces extremely high temperature sparks at 2,980ºC making it easier to light a fire in any weather or at altitude. Ideal for use with dry fibrous tinder or gas stoves and more.


  • Ferrocerium spark rod and stainless steel striker
  • 3,500 strikes (Compact)
  • 10,000 strikes (Large)
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions and altitudes
Product code: 42216

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