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10 Uses For Hand Warmers

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10 Uses For Hand Warmers

Reusable Hand Warmers

Reusable Hand warmers - £3.99

1. Keeping Your Hands Warm

First things first, as you would expect from the name, hand warmers are great for keeping your hands warm. Keep then inside your pockets for when the weather is really cold.

2. Dry Wet Shoes

Often with cold weather comes wet weather and this leads inevitably to wet shoes. As we all know there's nothing worse than putting on damp shoes in the morning. To stop this put heat pads in your shoes at night to dry your shoes.

3. Dry Wet Socks

Similar to wet shoes, wet socks are also no fun at all. Put hand warmers inside them to help them dry.

4. Sleeping Bag

It can be difficult to stay warm at night when you’re camping. Put some heat pads in a pair of socks and then put them in your sleeping bag before you go to sleep. When you eventually get in it will be nice and warm.

5. Heat Drinks

You might have a vacuum flask to keep your drinks hot, but as soon as you pour it in to a cup the cold weather can start to cool it down. By holding a hand warmer to the underside of a mug you can keep your drink warmer for longer.

6. Medical

In extreme cold conditions, there can be the risk of hypothermia amongst your group. If anyone starts suffering from this hand warmers can help. Wrap a heat pad in a sock or glove and put this in the armpit of someone needing help.

7. Aching Muscles

After a long day of tough hiking, your muscles can be feeling a bit sore. By holding a hand warmer to any affected areas the heat can help soothe the pain.

8. Water Bottle

Cold weather is great for keeping water at a cool temperature. If it gets too cold though your water will just freeze. By holding a hand warmer or two to the outside of your bottle, you can make sure your water stays in liquid form so you can still drink it.

9. Batteries

Many travellers and outdoor explorers love to take video and photos of the great places they discover. Cold weather though is not great for battery life. By keeping all your batteries in a case and adding a hand warmer, you can make sure your batteries are at their optimum.

10. Headaches/Migraines

We all feel ill once in a while and headaches and migraines can strike at the most inconvenient of times. Holding a heat pad to your forehead can help ease the pain and clear your head.

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