Water Purification Technology

​Chlorine Dioxide icon​Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide has been an amazing advance in water purification technology. It not only disinfects the water with chlorine but also explodes pathogens with oxygen, making for good tasting water which has tackled bacteria, viruses, giardia and even hard to kill cryptosporidium. As a bonus, the oxygen part also removes most of the chlorine. Making for good tasting water. Every so often, we have to admit, the scientists are brilliant.

​Chlorine icon​Chlorine

Chlorine: the absolute standard for cleaning water. Inexpensive and effective. Chlorine is a good water purifying product and used by many city councils. We provide tablets which dose the water assuming it could contain bad things like hard-to-kill pathogens and it does work. The dosage gets complicated if you want to deal with Giardic Cysts and Cryptosporidium. If these are a risk, we would suggest that you turn to Chlorine Dioxide.