First Aid Kits Technology

Durable Ripstop Cases iconDurable Ripstop Cases

The iconic red cases are synonymous with Lifesystems.Each pack incorporates the use of hard wearing ripstop fabrics and waterproof zips which provide that extra level of durability and protection. The smaller packs feature belt loop attachments and the larger versions have grab handles and outer pockets with reflective strips.

Quality Components iconQuality Components

We only source from leading manufacturers who use the latest innovative materials and medical expertise to create the best quality components. All these are certified and carry the CE mark confirming they meet the latest EU legislation for product quality. Our kits also include recognisable brands such as Savlon™, 3M™and Burnshield™.

The QuickFind System iconThe QuickFind System

Many Lifesystems first aid kits, including the Waterproof Kit, include our QuickFind system to help access the right components quickly and easily. Labelled pockets detailing what sort of injury the contents would help with speeds up the treatment process and ultimately helps treat the patient promptly and more effectively.

Lightweight & Waterproof iconLightweight & Waterproof

The Lifesystems Light & Dry first aid kits combine super-lightweight fabrics with space-saving design, making them ideal for activities requiring minimal gear. The items are stored within waterproof component bags in which everything is clearly visible and easy to access, helping you to survive the toughest of conditions.

If you need a more heavy duty waterproof first aid kit, our Waterproof pack is ideal for the rigours a kit endures in kayaks, sailing boats or when canoeing.

Additional Space iconAdditional Space

We realise that there may be extra medications or bandages you may want to add to your Lifesystems first aid kit. Whether it is an asthma inhaler, a thermal blanket or an insect repellent, all of our larger kits have been designed so that additional items can be added if necessary.

Sterile Equipment iconSterile Equipment

Most of our travel first aid kits are supplied with sterile equipment. Should you require any emergency medical treatment in areas where hygiene practices may not be as good as they are at home, this sterile equipment may be used by a medical professional to administer any medication or treatment that you may require.