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Active Factor 25 Sun Cream

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Product Description

The Active factor 25 sun cream is ideal for travel and sports use. The cream provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and is water resistant, so can be applied for use in the sea or pool. The cream contains an anti-jellyfish formula to help prevent stings.

Product Features

  • Broad-spectrum, photo-stable filters
  • 5-Star UVA protection
  • Highly water resistant with Anti-Jellyfish formula
  • Dermatologically tested

Technical Info

Weight: 230g
Volume: 200ml
Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 170mm
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5-Star UVA ProtectionAnti-Jellyfish formula

Product Reviews for Active Factor 25 Sun Cream


I absolutely love this sun lotion. I have fairly pale skin with some freckles and tend to burn with other sun lotions and certainly do not tan. Having bought the factor 25 life systems lotion and using in the southern med temps of 25-30°c, i was really surprised to have unintentionally developed a lovely light tan without burning. I'll definitely be purchasing this lotion going forward. Thank you!


I used this while in Costa Rica, protected well from sun and is extremely waterproof to the point where 4 hours after application it was like I had been waxed like a car with the droplets of water sitting on my skin from the rain

Mrs Mac

My husband and I are both fair skinned and I bought this for our 2 week holiday in the Caribbean, in addition to the Sports Sun Cream Factor 50. Previously we had some issues with small jellyfish as well and this lotion was perfect! We did a lot of swimming, snorkeling & paddle boarding and this certainly kept us protected - plus no stings from jellyfish or other creatures. I can highly recommend it and will only be buying Lifesystems sun lotions in future!

Ruth Young

I used the factor 25 in Antigua. It is easy to use and is non-greasy which is lovely. I did not burn and I have a lovely tan 3 weeks after returning. I have bought more for my next holiday. And I didn't even see a jellyfish which proves it works!


I was in South Africa and used this cream. I used it as suncream and sort of hoped about the anti-jellyfish. Then, whilst in the water, I brushed against something and then realised it was a jellyfish. I hate the things. A very mild burning sensation resulted but that was it! This Lifesystems stuff actually works.

Video and Features

  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 25
  • Sweat resistant - ideal during high levels of activity
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Anti-jellyfish formula