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Reusable Hand Warmers

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Product Description

Hand warmers offer instant heat on cold winter days. Just pop the metal disk and massage the gel pad as the gel begins to crystallise, instantly releasing heat. Keep them tucked inside your gloves or coat pockets for a very welcome warm-up on icy days!

These pack of 2 hand warmers have the added benefit of being reusable. To 'reset' the crystallised pad to its original gel form, add the pads to a pan of boiling water and allow to simmer until the crystals have completely dissolved. Allow to cool totally before handling.

Each activation lasts up to 90 minutes and can emit heat of up to 54 degrees celsius.

Product Features

  • Simple to activate and re-charge
  • Click metal disc to activate
  • Single activation lasts up to 90 minutes
  • Max temperature 54’c (130’F)
  • Supplied as a twin pack
  • Non toxic

Technical Info

Weight: Weight: 118 g (each)
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 15 mm (each)
Items: 2



Orange hand warmer pad

Product Reviews for Reusable Hand Warmers


Brilliant product. Bought for my granddaughter at her request for her cycling training sessions.


Great product lasts about 40 mins. Not easy to have in gloves but can be done


Purchased for both sons when they are doing outdoor activities. Easy to activate but we have found that after about 40 minutes the temperature is just luke warm, expected them to stay toastier for longer but they do the job. Boys happy, mum happy!


Worked well. Shape limits the use with gloves / fingers. Excellent in a pouch or pocket.


perfect, do the job cheaply and effectively!


Reasonably cheap hand warmers that heat up to a good temperature. Would be even better if the heat can be kept for more than an hour.

Ben W

Good form factor and neater than some alternatives. Also arrived quickly. I noticed one of mine was significantly cooler on the second go however. May have been dodgy batch but worth noting.

Rosemary Dancy

Bought these hand warmers for my husband who gets very cold hands gardening. VERY pleased with them. Will say that they start extremely hot.


Best Hand warmers I have used, they are hotter, and last longer than others. However they do not stay 'hot' for 90 Minutes, more like 45-60 minutes, although this is much longer than other hand warmers on the market, which struggle past 10 minutes. Overall I would recommend these to anyone.


I ordered the hand warmers for my husband for Christmas. I thought that they would be good when out fishing or shooting. He hasn't used them yet but they look like a good product. Looking forward to him using them.

Jonathan Andrews

Good points - they heat up very quickly, and to a good temperature. As such, they are a great solution where instant strong heat is required - significantly better than the disposable types. Also, the process to restore them after use is easy & works well. Weak point - they only last for 40 minutes or so at what I consider to be a useful temperature.


Used several times to keep a small boys hand warm when out on a Pokémon Go hunt. They work just fine.


Work well


Product arrived very fast and looks like great value. Have not used them yet.


Kept my hands warm while playing golf.

Jenny Robinson

Perfect for keeping my hands warm. Good price and easy to re-use.


These are brilliant - stay lovely and warm for ages and we have used them over and over again. Great purchase and price, I am happy to recommend them to anyone.

Video and Features

  • Reusable
  • Can be kept inside gloves or coat pockets