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Intensity 220 LED Torch

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Product Description

Super-light and super-bright, this pocket-sized LED torch is up to seven times brighter than a standard torch and it also has a flashing SOS function.

Product Features

  • 220 Lumens maximum output
  • High Power XP-C Cree LED (lasts 100,000+ hrs)
  • 3 lighting modes: High, Low and SOS flashing
  • Burn time: High 13hrs, Low 39hrs, SOS-flashing 52hrs
  • Impact resistant and waterproof to 1 metre
  • Includes lanyard
  • Power: 2 x Lithium CR123 batteries included
  • Material: lightweight alloy
  • 100 metres range
  • Recommended by Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

Technical Info

Weight: 85g (including batteries)
Dimensions: 114 x 23 x 23mm
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Duke of Edinburgh Recommended KitSOSBrightImpact ResistantWeather Proof
Black LED torch with wrist strap

Product Reviews for Intensity 220 LED Torch


Great little torch. Pocket sized & perfect for dog walks. I keep this in the car if needed for tyre changed etc (don't jinx it!) & emergencies. I also bought the Intensity 600 however & would change choose that over this as it is far brighter, a similar price on offer at the moment & ultimately still a very small torch.

Colin Organ

Excellent product, at a very good price, delivered on time.


A great torch. High power and robust build quality. It loses a star because of the previously mentioned power switch issues. I agree about the cycle of the switching too; low power first would seem more logical. But rather more worrying than that is the risks from unintentional activation of the torch, particularly given the heat it generates on full power, which, will, of course, be the power mode it will be on - as explained above. I take the precaution of giving the battery compartment cap a couple of turns anticlockwise from fully tightened. The switch is thus disabled and the 'o' ring hopefully will still do its job. If it is in your trouser pocket it can become very uncomfortable very quickly. Some kind of recessed button or safety on/off device could be expected of a torch at this price bracket - it is not groundbreaking technology after all. Pity really


Great tool it winded up being one of my daily items to take with me all the time. I use it for work mostly to ensure my kitchen is clean and it's high/low functions help a lot, never had to use the SOS function. Had it for 3 years now it travels with me everywhere, nearly indestructible. As for batteries they are a bit tricky to find and usually at £7.00 from retailers, however I buy replacements online which are about ` less.


Great output. Use mine for work so also hope I don't need the SOS function. The only downside is the batteries and battery life. At about £8 for two batteries which are not mainstream and a bit tricky to get hold of. I get about 2 hours life, but that is switching on and off a lot which may use more power? It would benefit from having the high power option being the second option on the pushbutton cycle to save having to go through high to low. My bike light does it that way. The torch would benefit from a locking switch or a little more depressed to prevent accidental switching on as it sticks out at the back of the torch.


Fantastic light output, great shape and weight.


Received for Christmas, I Was shocked how good this little torch is, could possibly benefit from a rechargeable option... but hey, it's great.


It's nice but the batterys are very fast empty :-( The SOS function is cool but i hope that i never have to use it :-)