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Intensity 220 LED Head Torch

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Product Description

This head torch has multiple lighting modes and the beam can be focused depending on your requirements. It also features a red LED on the rear.

Product Features

  • Up to 220 lumens brightness
  • High-power Luxeon XP-G2 Cree White LED
  • Lighting modes: High, Medium, Low and Flashing, Red light on and Flashing
  • Adjustable beam angle and sliding light diffuser
  • Water resistant plastic body with adjustable head strap
  • Red light on battery casing
  • 3 x Alkaline ‘AA’ batteries included
  • Up to 180 hours battery life

Technical Info

Weight: 189g (including batteries)
Dimensions: Headlight: 35 x 82 x 40mm / Battery pack: 53 x 76 x 34mm
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Duke of Edinburgh Recommended KitFlashBrightWater Resistant
Head torch with adjustable head strap

Product Reviews for Intensity 220 LED Head Torch

sally williams

At last a torch that is actually bright. I have bought so many torches and still cannot see the floor. This torch means I will never trip over an unseen item again. Wish I had it years ago!


Very bright headlight for the price


Having owned a previous version of this head torch i happily bought the Intensity 220 lumen version and wow its bright cracking light and having the rear red light is also a massive plus however my one peeve is the use of AA batteries as the previous model used AAA and was great it now makes the torch a fair bit heavy, the over head strap has also been removed making the torch feel less secure (this is a minor point)..... All in all this is a cracking product and would happily recommend it to any one


This has been an excellent purchase. its primary use has been for the early morning dog walk, part of which uses a road without any footpaths or refuge. A hand held torch had been the norm, but two active dogs can make for difficulties, this just makes so much sense. Added to that, the rear red light has given additional safety. On a separate note, if you have a dog that chases a light source, this may well be your answer, by using the wide beam option, which is a slide over lens, our dog no longer reacts to the light. All in all, a great purchase, and has made those dark early mornings a lot safer.

Catriona MacKenzie

This is a great head torch, so good I bought two! I have had a similar one from Lifesystems previously so went for this as i loved the last one. I use it frequently, for running and tending to the animals when the light is poor. The red light at the back is invaluable for running. I wouldn't be without it, great product.

Brian Smith

Definitely the best head torch. Great that it just switches off without having to cycle through all the other choices of light. Much better value than the well known make which I have also used. Used every day in winter in the garden. Even good enough light to continue using my chainsaw! Battery lasts ages.


Great bit of kit! I've owned a number of head torches down the years and this is the first one I am completely pleased with. It gives light, lots of light, lots and lots of light. A massive 220 lumens thank-you very much, although there are lesser settings if you are worried about burning out someone's retinas! But that amount of light is fantastic for night trail running or for general camping/outdoors stuff. It also has a built in red light on the back which makes it perfect for running on the road. I've rated it 4.5 out of 5 only because I need to see how the batteries last, but the good thing is it runs on "normal" easily replaceable batteries, nothing fancy.