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Glow Markers

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Product Description

Attach to anything you wish to locate easily in the dark. Containing photo-luminescent crystals, these markers absorb light and emit a luminous glow in the dark.

To activate the crystals within the marker, expose the marker to sunlight or any artificial light for 5 minutes and the marker will emit a glow for up to 12 hours.

Product Features

  • Photo-luminescent technology
  • Supplied with cable-ring attachment
  • One 5 minute charge creates a glow for over 12 hours
  • Has a rechargeable life of up to 10 years

Technical Info

Weight: 6g (each)
Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 50mm (each)
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Duke of Edinburgh Recommended Kit
Glow markers

Product Reviews for Glow Markers

m brown

Great little 'marker'. The marker doesn't have to be attached to items. I've used it to show where my glass of water is on the bedside table and where to locate a torch quickly. Very easy to charge - lit room or in sunlight. Bought to highlight my presence when out in the dark but possible too small - would need several. Still exploring potential and will be stocking fillers at Christmas.

Euan Williams

Bought this for attaching to my daughters school bag during darker evenings. Got it at a good price and free delivery but worth noting that item is quite small or certainly smaller than I expected. I though it would be about the size of a supermarket club card type thing but actually its about half that size...


Very handy and makes it easy to find my keys in my handbag! It would've been good to buy as a set of three instead of just one. But, a practical and helpful product.