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Mosquito Net Hanging Kit

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Product code(s): 5150

Product Description

The net hanging kit contains all of the replacement items to hang all types, shapes and sizes of mosquito net. The kit contains a number of hooks, sticky pads, loops and a length of string to help you to hang your net whatever your situation.

Product Features

  • 12 metres of tough nylon cord
  • 4 suction hooks
  • 4 screw-in hooks
  • 4 reusable self-adhesive hooks with instructions
  • 4 replacement adhesive pads
  • 4 safety pins
  • Supplied in a ripstop carry case

Technical Info

Weight: 58g
Dimensions: (packed): 70 x 110 x 35mm
Items: 1


Mosquito net hanging kit

Product Reviews for Mosquito Net Hanging Kit

philippe Bridgeman

I have been very lucky to travel extensively - including places were you need a Mosquito Net. Not all places you visit will supply a net and in most cases the net they supply has holes and is not impregnated with repellent - so its best to take your own net - 'best to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it'. Unfortunately, hooks or mounting points are normally also in the wrong place or missing - Hence why I think this kit is a great idea to add to your Expedition Duffel bag! We used the Mosquito Net Hanging Kit recently on a trip to remote Papua New Guinea. The kit is supplied within its own bag keeping it all together, is small enough to fit with in the Mosquito Net bag. Weighs very little and is comprehensive enough to meet all Mosquito Net Hanging combinations that we encountered. Can also back up as a washing line etc. You could put this kit together yourself but it this is much cheaper (I coasted it) and it does come in the very handy storage bag.


An excellent and comprehensive little kit. We used various bits of it over our holidays to hand our king size net in different places; screw hooks, sticky hooks and lots and lots of string! Plus, it all packs away into its own dinky little stuff sack which then fits into the net's stuff sack. Great!


Looks like it will do the job. Not too bulky for lightweight travel.