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Lifesystems offer some effective solutions for both bite and sting relief and also provide treatments for fabrics and mosquito nets which offer a layer of protection to stop insects from attacking whilst you sleep. In addition, our mosquito spray and net treatment can help prevent these bites from happening. If you do get a bite or sting we’ve got you covered with our relief click and spray and also cater for ticks with tweezers and remover cards.

  • Stainless steel tick remover
    Tick Remover
    18 reviews

  • Credit card sized tick removal tool
    Tick Removal Tool
    6 reviews

  • Insect bite relief 50ml spray bottle
    Bite and Sting Relief Spray
    From £4.99
    10 reviews

  • Insect bite relief clicker
    Bite Relief Click
    6 reviews

  • Anti mosquito treatment bottle
    EX8 Anti-Mosquito Net Treatment
    6 reviews

  • Anti mosquito spray
    EX4 Anti-Mosquito Spray
    6 reviews