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Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit

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Helps reduce the danger and annoyance of mosquito bites at night. Supplied with 40 tablets, which are each effective for 10 hours (approx.). Suitable for use worldwide when used in conjunction with a suitable travel adaptor.

Please note unit rotates 90° to accommodate both horizontal and vertical sockets

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Weight: 85g
Dimensions: 104 x 85 x 52mm
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Mosquito killer

Product Reviews for Plug-in Mosquito Killer Unit


Top product I've been using these in Italy for years.


I live near a lake and like to sleep with the windows open. Often get bitten to death and have to go through the rigmarole of putting mesh over the windows etc.. Have used the plug in for two weeks and so far, not one bite although I know the mozzies are around. Need to get a two pin to three pin adapter for the UK but well worth it. Recommend.

Paul Hill

Top product have been using earlier version for years.

Lifesystems Lover

Purchased these Oct 2015 for a holiday in South Africa. We stayed in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These were a life saver and cannot praise them enough. Both our kids tend to suffer severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites and for 2 summers previously my (now 8 year old) son was hospitalised for a little over a week for Cellulitis. He was put on intravenous anti biotics as his bites had become so swollen he couldn't walk and was in extreme agony. Following lots of research I found these, safe to use and cheap to run. Easily transportable and an absolute must if you want to avoid getting nibbled by those pesky mossies. Give it a go. I prefer the tablets as opposed to the liquid especially if travelling for fear of breaking the bottle, spillage etc... The unit tends to get warm once on use so by the morning can be quite hot to touch - just remember to unplug when not in use to avoid over heating. Have bought European to UK adaptors so have also been using them at home in the summer at night time. Highly recommended. Quality products from lifesystems. Thank you...