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EX8 Anti-Mosquito Net Treatment

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Product Description

Lifesystems EX8 Anti Mosquito net treatment is a water resistant, liquid treatment which will act as an extra layer of protection on your mosquito net, repelling insects and killing any that come in contact with the net. An applied treatment will last for 2 years.

Product Features

  • 1.18% Permethrin - active ingredient
  • Treats one mosquito net
  • Durability: 2 years
  • Effective against: mosquitoes, midges, bed bugs and other biting insects

Technical Info

Weight: 65g
Volume: 50ml
Dimensions: 92 x 35mm
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EX8 Anti-Mosquito Treatment
Anti mosquito treatment bottle

Product Reviews for EX8 Anti-Mosquito Net Treatment


I have used this differently than its intended purpose. I soaked a pair of cloth gaiters to repel ticks. So far so good but time will tell how long it lasts.


For a double net there was not enough liquid to really soak all the netting with out diluting the mixture. Hope it works in Borneo.

Partner West Africa

We run a volunteer centre in Ghana and also a malaria prevention project with the local communities near our base. We use this treatment for our own nets and it does exactly what it should. We have always received an excellent serve as well.

brenda bloomfield

Received product on time and well packed. Found my mosi net really too big for amount of liquid but managed to soak and squeeze as much as possible. Have yet to test if is effective.

Moira Shaw

Order received promptly the next day. Used to treat nets for our boat and confident it will keep the mosquitos away.

Kurn Barrow

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great product.

Chris Barrell

The delivery was very rapid - useful since I was off to Zambia very soon! Product as expected hoefully it will stop the mosquitoes!!