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Expedition Endurance DEET Insect Repellent Spray

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Product Description

Expedition Endurance insect repellent contains a specially formulated time-release agent enabling DEET to evaporate at a slower, constant rate. This makes it possible to provide effective protection which lasts longer than standard repellents whilst actually using a lower concentration of DEET. Each application of this DEET spray will last for up to 12 hours and suitable for use on children over 2 years. Re-application may be required in areas with high temperature and humidity.

Product Features

  • 20-34% micro-encapsulated DEET - optimised protection
  • Dual-action formula offers up to 12 hours protection
  • Durable aluminium bottle with pump spray top
  • Suitable for children over 2 years
  • The repellent will last 24 months from when it is first opened

DEET is proven to be the best repellent against mosquitoes available. This comes in different strengths and the higher the percentage, the more effective it is and the longer it lasts.

DEET can damage plastics, lacquers etc. The Health and Safety Executive has deemed it safe for use on the skin but it can be harmful in contact with eyes or mouth.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.

Technical Info

Weight: 132g
Volume: 100ml
Dimensions: 40 x 138mm
Items: 1



20% DEETDual action12 hours protection

Product Reviews for Expedition Endurance DEET Insect Repellent Spray


Great product. Only got a couple of bites, probably because I missed a couple of spots when applying it. Good that it was relatively low DEET but effective all day because of the slow release.


I haven't used the product yet, but will be at the end of the year. It does look professional and it does have a fantastic reputation. Sorry that I can't say more than that. I will say the delivery was quick and the company kept me informed, I was very impressed. I feel it will work as well for me as everyone else who have tried it so far. Thanks.

Martin Shadbolt

Best repellent I've ever used. I used along side EX4 Anti-Mosquito Spray as both these items work on ticks too, leaving me free to try and improve my field archery around the woods.

Caroline Smalley

By far the best mosquito repellant I have ever used. I didn't get a single bite the whole week I was on holiday in the Algarve. There were lots of mosquitos around and I usually get bitten a lot. Very pleasant and easy to use, with no greasiness or bad smell and the protection lasted all day. I won't use anything else from now on. A fantastic product.


Does what it says no bites will buy again fantastic


Convenient to carry, no odour and keeps insects away. Used this for the first time this year as an addition to other lifesystems repellent sprays.


Used in many areas, always works for me, no odour and doesn't stick you to paint work or varnish on tables etc!!! Excellent

Ann Hale

Used in Cuba. Worked really well, no nasty smell, doesn't dissolve plastic and stays put really well. My favourite and just bought more for my next trip

Jane Hall

Best stuff ever and no dreadful smell - used in Costa Rica in Green season in rainforest, on beaches, on a night tour where you could hear the little blighters buzzing in your ear and not one bite. Then I popped out for 20 mins early one morning - forgot to spray - and was well and truly bitten. Didn't forget again! 2 bottles just got 3 of us through 2 weeks but that was with me liberally applying and the other two just doing some bits fairly sparsely everyday (I also reapplied if really sweaty after 5 hours - not sure if I had to but I react badly to bites so stopped taking chances). Buy it, apply it and stop worrying.

Andrew W. Simpson III

This is the best bug repellent barring none. Keeps them off for over twenty four hours BRILLIANT!

Video and Features

  • Repels mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats, fleas, ticks and other biting insects
  • Ideal for jungle treks, long haul trips and high risk malarial areas