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Expedition 100+ DEET Insect Repellent Spray

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Product Description

Our DEET insect repellent - Expedition 100+ range contains a dual action, high strength formula which combines natural pyrethroids with DEET to provide the maximum level of protection against biting insects in all environments. The natural pyrethroids act as a bite inhibitor, discouraging actual biting. Each application of Expedition 100+ will last for over 10 hours. Re-application may be required in areas with high temperature and humidity.

Product Features

  • 95% DEET - maximum level protection
  • Dual-action formula offers over 10 hours protection
  • Durable aluminium bottle with pump-spray top
  • The repellent will last 24 months from when it is first opened

DEET is proven to be the best repellent against mosquitoes available. This comes in different strengths and the higher the percentage, the more effective it is and the longer it lasts. The most popular strength is 50% DEET but we recommend you get one with a bite inhibitor (PLUS+)

DEET can damage plastics, lacquers etc. The Health and Safety Executive has deemed it safe for use on the skin but it can be harmful in contact with eyes or mouth.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.

Technical Info

Weight: 50ml: 76g / 100ml: 132g
Volume: 50ml and 100ml
Dimensions: 50ml: 35 x 115mm / 100ml: 40 x 138mm
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95% DEETDual action10 hours protection
100 DEET insect repellent spray 100ml bottle

Product Reviews for Expedition 100+ DEET Insect Repellent Spray


Used this on numerous occasions. Seriously you can't beat it! Highly recommend.


7 weeks travel around South East Asia and not one bite whilst wearing this. I previously was a mosquito magnet so really delighted with this product. Will never use anything but this in the future. Despite being about 95% Deet no real smell when on.

W. K. Davis

Thank you for your product, I spend half the year in mosquito infested areas and rely on Expedition 100 and your other protection products to keep me bite free (Almost!).


First time of using this product excellent bug repellant will use every time I am away

roger collins

Have used this excellent product for the past 8 years whenever we have travelled to more exotic places, has always been very effective, however be very careful if applying to any parts of body which come into contact with varnished furniture, had a bad experience where my wife was literally stuck to a chair whilst in the Caribbean, painful.


Absolutely great product, value and service. I've used this product in Turkey where I got bitten LOTS in the past. Not one bite after using this this time. Highly recommended product and company.

Brian Dexter

Used Deet 50% for 3 months in Madagascar - where there was a serious problem with Falciparum Malaria - was bitten - but only intermittently. Now going for 9 months through rainy season - have purchased 100% deet containing repellent. Very satisfied with service & delivery. Wait to see re effectiveness. On researching, I cannot find evidence that 100% is significantly more effective than 50% but why not try??


Great product - protected me and my family during holiday to Florida and Mexico - the latter was full of mozzies as we were in a jungle location.


Used in Finland in summer, through woods and vegetation and often near lakes and rivers. Plenty of insects around but not a single bite during the week. Inevitably there's a slight tacky/greasy feeling when you apply it, and a pungent smell as it's actually being sprayed, but it doesn't smell once it's on.


It really stops the works

Michelle Linton

Excellent product, I used this in the very buggy Greek islands recently, drip free compact bottle, spreads well with no nasty smell, easy to apply, and for the first time bite free! Didn't leak in my baggage. Also repels nasty wasps, fantastic. Used it on my older kids too. Highly recommended.

Ann Bibby

As I am always bitten by anything and everything I needed something good as l have tried all the high street chemist stuff. Used this for first time and gnats horseflys and mozzys beat a retreat wasn't bitten once fantastic


This product is by far the best I have used. I have been fishing in France for 12 years and every year I was munched on by the mozzies until I started using this LifeSystems 100+ Expedition spray. For the last 5 years I have been able to enjoy the fishing holiday without worrying about wearing a suit of armour as the sun starts to go down.

Mike Keighley

I have used this product from the Amazon to the Zambesi and from Margate to Milton Keynes! Seriously, this product does everything that it claims, very effective.


Always use this when on holiday. Mozzies love me and get bitten to death but this product really works


Perfect for keeping mosquitoes away. Feel much more secure with 95% Deet.


I have not used the 100+ yet but will be when i go to Gambia. I have used the 50+ and that deet wrist bands when I have been to Bulgaria and touch wood only had a very small bite on my foot excellent product and very quick delivery.

Linda Gale

Have not used this yet but know it is a very good repellent which I use for every holiday. Bought as it was at a good price. Delivery was very quick, Thankyou.


The repellent works very well. We went to RiO, Iguazu and north eastern Argentina which are all areas for Zika and Dengue as well as just the common mosquito, horse flies and midges. The repellent worked really well and we didn't get bitten. Just beware that this repellent is very strong and will eat away at paint on plastics. We applied the repellent before going out into the nature and found that the repellent on our skins was rubbing off the paint on the inside of the doors of the car! So use it while out in the nature but maybe wipe yourself down before getting in contact with other materials such as sitting in a car. Also always wrap it in a bag as it does leak a little and this will eat away at your day bag.


Mosquitoes LOVE me!!! I was terrified of Vietnam because of these disease-carrying bloodsuckers. But even in the Mekong Delta while SURROUNDED by mosquitoes day and night, I was never bitten! (I applied Expedition 100+ DEET faithfully each day, usually only once.) Amazing results. Can't thank you enough. You saved my life. Very likely. :)

Mike M.

Not used as yet - purchased for the outdoor archery season. Last year I was attacked by biting insects (type unknown) which made quite a mess of my legs; I'll write again once the season has started, but I'm confident I'll be getting my own back on the little biters. The 100+ arrived well packaged and is larger than I expected. Great service from LifeSystems - AAA.

Brendan Farrell

I have travelled to the tropics for 35 years and suffered miserably. I discovered this product some years ago and would consider nothing else. It's perfect.

Jackie Tomlin

After living if different places over the world and being a mossie food bank. I bought the Experdition 100+ to take to Jamaica. Only came back with 2 little bites. The mossie after spray soon sorted these. No itches or swelling. I will certainly be buying these products again. Thank you so much for supplying such a fab product that made my holiday much more enjoyable. Jackie sept 2016.


Love it! used it for years, since staying in India next to a river and never got bitten once. It doesn't smell gross like most DEET products and isn't pressurised, so you can take in hand luggage. Mozzies love me and this is the only thing that works properly. I have sensitive skin but it is fine and never given me a rash. I also wear Deet wristbands in evenings on holiday and spray this on them too to boost them. Great!


Great product never got bitten once.


I always get bitten and react badly however this has held off the bites and easy to use & carry I will definitely purchase this again.


The dreaded Scottish Midges......I encounted these years ago, so a recent trip to Loch Lomond had me scouring the net for a secret weapon to fend them off. I've shot & fished all my life & up till now only found one repellent that worked, but was removed form the shelves because of one of the ingredients that it contained. Eventually came across Lifesystems 100+ & decided to give it ago, & guess what, it worked, so I bought another bottle when I got back, just in case this went missing Worked for me, you'll never know if you don't give it a try.


Effective and the right size for airline hand luggage.


I travelled through Thailand, Vietnam and very rural Cambodia and found this spray fantastic. Normally I get eaten alive by mosquitos but was not bitten once using this spray. It is powerful so be careful to rub it in properly as it did remove my nail varnish, but saying that it didn't damage any of my clothes.


This will be the first thing in my case from now on. I am allergic to mozzie bites resulting on horrible blisters and usually a trip to medical centre. I have been going greece for the past 5 years and been bitten everytime, until this year when I discovered this. I was surrounded by people who were being bitten as i was talking to them but they came nowhere near me. 110% recommended & well worth the money


Excellent product and essential for use in Central America.


Have been buying this for years as travel far and wide to places you really wouldn't want to get Malaria, etc. Its the only repellent I've ever found that is 100% effective (if you get bit, you know you've missed that bit) - both great customer service and speedy delivery means I would choose nothing else.


Bought this for a trip to Madagascar where I go quite regularly, and for the first time not a single bite when I remembered to apply it on time, though bitten to bits when I forgot! This is definitely the only mosquito repellent I shall be using from now on. Just one word of advice: be careful not to spray on clothes, shoes, watch, or anything else as can leave marks. Great product and great service from Lifesystems.


Bought this for trip to Zambia later this year so not used as yet. Communication and service great, quick delivery. Product in handy sized container for travel.


Bought a couple of bottle for a trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Worked really well at repelling insects and their bites. The can is also a really nice size and lightweight.

Linda Grieve

Really effective spray! Prompt delivery.

Helen Collins

My husband and I have used this product for many years and swear by it. It's most definitely the best on the market and can highly recommend it.


Deserves 6/5 stars for delivery and communication. I am yet to use this product hopefully it will work based on comments it will. I have a real problem with mosquitoes even in the UK and I'm going on holiday to Bangladesh in a week so I'm really happy this product took a day to come.


Used product on visit to the rainforests of Costa Rica. It was really effective and in 2 weeks I had maybe one or two bites while others around me were really suffering. Keep away from mouth and eyes and wash hands before handling a camera as it can affect the casing or any other plastics. Highly recommended.

Mark Ninnim

If something is going to bite, it's going to bite me! I was recommended this by someone in a shop a couple of years ago before travelling to Borneo and for the first time ever, I wasn't bitten. I swear by this product now and always make sure I've got some in the car and in my rucksack. I cannot rate it highly enough.


Appears to do the job, got bitten a bit the day I forgot to use it. Pump action is not that effective, and sometimes the unit dribbles a bit. No skin reactions. Used in northern sahara in November working mainly in a river waddy.


Excellent repellent. Does what it says. However when replacing next will look for roll-on version as the pump is difficult to use when spraying legs. Agree that it stains clothing and removes nail polish!


I have used this for a number of years on Camping Trips all over the world from Africa to Borneo. If used correctly it is the best on the market. Yes, it is Very Active. It will Destroy Fabrics, and is very Painful in the Eyes. Just follow the instructions correctly. I am just in the process of buying 10 bottles for my friends in Gambia West Africa. Gambia has one of the worst Malaria related Death Rates in the World. They work security all night and swear by it. If it works for them, it works for anybody, if used correctly. No repellent is 100% effective. You will always get the odd bite on the parts you have missed. Or, you are stupid enough to be wearing shorts and tee shirt at night.


I've been using this with good protection for a couple of years and have recommended to many friends. I have a severe reaction to mosquito bites resulting in cellulitis needed hospital treatment. I am currently in Dominic Republic with a very bad bite. The red swelling the size of a saucer with a big grape sized puss filled blister in the middle. I've got about 6 other bites. Either I missed a bit or it's not working for me now. Shame I can't share a photo!!


Purchased this item on a friends recommendation as worked for them. Needed midge protection for a trip to west of Scotland. Afraid to say this did not work for me and was under midge attack so much I ended up buying a midge net to wear over my head.

Bob Robertson

Used the product in Barbados last year with excellent results. We also use it regularly while gardening also with excellent results, all in all a great product.


Just wanted to share my review about this product (I bought 5 pieces of it!). I was afraid to use it first time, since it's really concentrate (95% deet) but I had no reactions on the skin. Just keep it away from your mouth and eyes, it's dangerous! The product works perfect!! It smells a bit but not so much, keeping away the mosquitoes. I would suggest you to buy and use it without problems.

steve wilce

Expedition 100+ probably the best repellent I have ever bought, In Siberia, "mosquito central" nothing comes near you with this on, citrus smell and as it has oil base lasts a long time, the one problem with this is though is the toxicity to water born life, but ideal for the trek through mosquito infested countries.


Used this product in florida hotel which was next to a lake and was alive with mossies. On previous visits tried various branded sprays which gave little protection. Used this product on our last visit and not a bite to be seen for the whole 2 weeks, this is a great product.

Video and Features

  • Repels mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats, fleas, ticks and other biting insects
  • Ideal for jungle treks, long haul trips and high risk malarial areas