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Natural Insect Repellent 30+ Spray

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Product Description

Our Natural Insect Repellent 30+ is formulated from a blend of natural plant oils derived from the Lemon Eucalyptus plant. The active ingredient Citrepel® 75 is proven by scientific research to repel mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats and ticks. It also includes natural pyrethrum to act as a bite inhibitor. Each application of the Natural 30+ repellent will last for up to 8 hours and is also suitable for use on children over 2 years of age. Re-application may be required in areas with high temperature and humidity.

Product Features

  • Contains Citrepel® 75 - medium level protection
  • Dual-action formula offers up to 8 hours protection
  • Durable aluminium bottle with pump-spray top
  • Suitable for children over 2 years
  • Duke Of Edinburgh recommended kit
  • The repellent will last 24 months from when it is first opened

Technical Info

Weight: 132g
Volume: 100ml
Dimensions: 40 x 138mm
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Duke of Edinburgh Recommended Kit100% NaturalDual Action8 Hours Protection

Product Reviews for Natural Insect Repellent 30+ Spray


Used for a week in Cuba, not a single bite except for one day I went swimming and didn't reapply afterwards - then I got 10 really bad bites within just a couple of hours! Whenever I was wearing this I didn't get a single one - lesson learnt! It smells quite pleasant too. :)


I really liked this product, the 100ml bottle lasted the whole 2 weeks we were in the Dominican. I found it easier to spray into my hand and then apply and thought it had a pleasant smell. Of course I did get the odd bite but no where near as many as I normally do. I would definitely recommend this product and won't leave home without it in the future :-)


Used in Greenland - very effective against mosquitos. The only places I got bitten were through my merino wool jumper which hadn't been sprayed with repellent. Very pleasant smell.


I would thoroughly recommend this natural spray; we use it in Greece on our holidays and it protects like no other I have ever used and has a pleasant fragrance. I wouldn't travel without it.


Perfect in Hungary (& I'll use it at home when mowing the lawn to prevent pesky little black flies from eating me!)


Ordered 5 pieces of this one and 5 of the 100+ with Deet. This smells more than the Deet version, but it works perfect too! The smell is of plants that are components of the product. We used this in places where DEET wasn't necessary and it worked.

Michael P.

I was looking for an insect repellent without DEET and was happy to find this product. The smell of it is very intense and it's easy to apply, but unfortunately it didn't help against (Norwegian) horseflies! In a couple of weeks I will see if it will repel mosquitoes. Additionally: Because the fluid is oily the bottle cap doesn't hold very good on the bottle after the spray has been used for the first time - something Lifesystems could improve!

Video and Features

  • Repels mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats, fleas, ticks and other biting insects
  • Use for malarial-free areas