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Wall of Paine expedition is triumphant!


In October 2013, Lifesystems sponsored climber and type 1 diabetic Jerry Gore led the first team to successfully climb Patagonia’s South Tower of Paine. During the expedition, Gore and his team faced some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, including sub-zero temperatures and 150mph winds. Making the inhospitable environment even more challenging, Gore was required to test blood sugar levels and inject insulin up to 7 times each day. In order to help him survive the exceptionally tough conditions, the team at Lifesystems provided Gore with a specially developed medical kit.

At the fore of travel healthcare for over 25 years, Lifesystems worked closely with Gore to create a bespoke medical kit that allowed him to control and monitor his blood sugar levels while climbing. The freezing temperatures presented the biggest threat to Gore’s crucial medical equipment, as if insulin freezes, it is destroyed. In addition, the blood glucometer necessary to check the climber’s blood sugar levels is also exceptionally sensitive to cold conditions. In order to keep both items operational while the team was out on the rock face, the expert team at Lifesystems produced a special DriStore Glucometer as well as insulin pen bags that enabled Gore to operate effectively, despite the extreme conditions.

Diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, Gore has refused to allow his condition to put an end to his 35 year climbing career. As well as continuing to push himself to new heights, Gore also remains at the fore-front of research and development, hoping to enable and inspire others with this life-limiting disease to livelife to the maximum. Gore took on the Wall of Paine challenge accompanied by legendary climber Mike ‘Twid’ Turner and rising talent Calum Muskett. In March 2014, the team will embark on a UK wide lecture tour and showcase their ‘Wall of Paine’ film which is being edited by multi award-winning film-maker Alastair Lee.