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Bucket List Mountain: The Matterhorn


The Matterhorn, many climbers and walkers aspire to climb it. But how difficult is it? The fact is, looking from Zermatt, the peak looks nothing short of terrifying! Compared to most alpine peaks it looks impossibly steep and uncompromising. But it is climbed on a daily basis by people without vast amounts of experience.

The most important attributes for the Matterhorn are fitness, determination and 'sure footedness'. Sure-footedness is of prime importance on the Matterhorn. This is different to climbing ability. This ability can be learned by practising scrambling and easy climbing. The climbing on the Matterhorn is not so hard, but it is exposed. 

Typically the summit day is 9-12 hours, that's pretty much non-stop without long breaks.

When climbed via the Hornli ridge, the Matterhorn ascent is graded AD with a vertical height gain of 1300m. The climbing is never more difficult than the British grade 'Moderate'. The most difficult sections have fixed ropes.

There is no doubt that climbing the Matterhorn is an intensely satisfying experience, and one which will stay with you for a lifetime.

Mountain Tracks offer Matterhorn courses from July - September. Participants should have some alpine mountaineering experience before the Matterhorn week, although being an expert climber is not a prerequisite.