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Handy Items for a Long Walk


When going for a long walk it’s important to make sure you take the right items with you. The items you pack could end up keeping you safe or even saving your life. With that in mind, it’s worth putting more focus on the practicality of the items rather than aesthetics.

Here are some items you don’t want to forget for your next long walk. Keep in mind that the items listed are not targeted to extreme hikes but long leisurely walks.

First things first, plan your journey and identify any possible issues and problems that could arise on the route and then decide what items are essential to you.

Handy items for a long walk

Our Top Essentials

Sensible clothing

Don’t skip on quality and price and check the size and weight of all your equipment. Be sure to wear walking boots and wet weather clothes that are lightweight.

A way of tracking time

You’ll obviously want to know what time it is. When it comes to mobile phones, you might want to make sure Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data roaming are off as they can severely reduce your battery life. Taking a battery operated watch is always a good idea.

A bottle of water

You want to make sure you’re fully hydrated for the walk. Keeping hydrated is important; always take plenty of water.

Always pack a torch

Sometimes your walk can last a little longer than you expect and go into the night; we recommend always packing a small torch. Just in case it gets a little dark and vision is reduced.



Even if it’s not particularly hot, the sun can burn your skin, especially if you are at altitude. If the weather is dry, a bottle of sunscreen will come in handy.


Headaches and muscle pains can ruin any long walk. Purchase a pack just in case, they’re only small and won’t take up too much room!


If your walk includes a companion it’s best to carry some deodorant. Let’s not offend our partner’s nostrils.

Other Items to Consider


In case of an emergency a whistle will get the attention of those around you as it’s a much higher frequency than a shout or a yell.

Small Swiss Army Knife

This is very useful in the outdoors. A Swiss Army Knife or other multi-function knife contains a screwdriver, can opener, knife and many other tools that could be vital whilst out and about.


A backup supply of batteries is always important as you don’t want your torch or other electrical items running out of charge just as you need to rely on them.


When in need of a rest, a book is good material to occupy your time if you’re walking on your own.

Mini sewing kit and safety pins

In case there’s a rip or tear in any important items such as your backpack or your clothing.