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Behind the Scenes: Lifesystems Product Shoot


October 2014: Helvellyn, The Lake District, Cumbria.

Above: Panoramic of the team ascending Helvellyn from Glenridding in the morning. 

The Lifesystems team hit the Lake District last week to film product demonstration videos for some of the latest pieces of kit to join our product range.

Joined by our partners at Whiteroom Brand Design, 5 members of the Lifesystems team were ascending the rocky steps up toward Helvellyn peak at the crack of dawn last Wednesday. The idea behind the shoot was to get great quality footage showing the kit in the kind of environment it'd be used in; we know videos are a great source of product information, ultimately helping any prospective adventurers make an informed decision and to be confident in choosing the right product for their needs.

Filming in progress

Above, left to right; adjusting camera settings to make the most of the early morning light; filming product videos; spotting locations for the next video

Some of the products receiving the star treatment included new members of the First Aid Kit family, including the Explorer, the Adventurer and the Nano; some survival essentials such as thermal blankets and hand warmers; and also the latest water purification products that have joined the Lifesystems range.

Above Left to Right: Trekking up Helvellyn; the Nano first aid kit; inspecting the Explorer first aid kit. 

The weather was perfect for the first day of filming, bright and clear with a light breeze, allowing us to take in the spectacular scenery as we climbed. This was exactly the kind of environment in which many Lifesystems customers are in their element. With our product range and the Whiteroom filming kit in tow, we commenced a full day of shooting. Utilising filming kit including an airborne drone, Whiteroom were putting the Lifesystems team through their paces as they were also models for the purposes of the shoot! 

The Red Tarn, situated at the base of Helvellyn peak in between Strider's and Swirrel Edge (iconic to those adventurers who are familiar with the Lake District) was refreshingly ice cold after a warm climb in the afternoon sun. Some of the team ascended Strider's Edge and continued to shoot extra footage on the steep slopes, before setting up camp (a two-man tent) by the tarn for the remainder of the products on schedule for that day. 

Above: The Red Tarn on an October afternoon.

Having managed to keep to the first day's schedule well, all that remained on the the second day (which was significantly greyer and more drizzly than the first) was to film the water purification products. Waterproof gear was certainly a must-have! These products are invaluable for adventurers who aren't sure where their nearest source of clean, potable water is coming from. 

Above Left: Collecting water from a flowing source; Right, preparing the water for treatment with Lifesystems chlorine drops.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new videos which will be hitting the website towards the beginning of 2015. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news, or alternatively keep checking back to our news page.